Typical Activities

P.O. Box 237107, Ansonia Station
New York, NY

Consciousness-Raising (C-R) Sessions provide a safe and frequently intense way for members to share feelings across racial lines. C-R sessions allow us to discuss political, racial, family, religious, sexual and economic issues productively.

Guest speakers and panels on minority history and culture and gay life in other times and places, such as the Harlem Renaissance, West Africa and the Caribbean.

Hard Candy Lounge - an opportunity to meet new friends and socialize in a warm and relaxed environment.

Poetry readings featuring a diverse range of gay and lesbian writers.

Video nights featuring films ranging from the informative to the pornographic, such as Scarred Justice: The Orangeburg Massacre 1968; Dakan; A Jihad for Love; and Dirty Laundry.

Holiday gatherings and cultural celebrations such as Kwanzaa and the Jewish Seder.

Presentations on political issues such as prison reform and AIDS.

Social Events such as our anniversary party, restaurant excursions, and our annual cruise with Sea Tea around New York Harbor.