Our History

MACT/NY began in 1980 as Black and White Men Together.  The idea was to create a consciousness-raising and support group for gay men involved in or interested in multiracial relationships.  Press releases, notices and ads were sent out in hopes of beginning such a group in New York City. There was an immediate response and obvious interest.

The philosophy of what was then BWMT/NY developed to encompass a wide variety of activities, from social events through consciousness-raising and personal growth to overt political action. Members were free to choose how much to get involved and as to what aspect of the group interested them.

One of BWMT/NY's most prominent early activities consisted of its Discrimination Documentation Project, a response created by our Political Action Committee to monitor cases of discrimination in gay establishments. Those bars or clubs which had discriminatory admissions or "carding" policies at the door were boycotted, which resulted in either financial settlements or the closing down of some establishments.

Over the years, we have had many distinguished guest speakers - authors, poets, activists, film-makers, etc. Among our many prominent guest presenters have been the folllowing:

James Baldwin  Joseph Beam  John Bush  Cheryl Clarke  Louie Crew  Salih Michael Fisher  Charles Rice Gonzalez  Jewelle Gomez  Essex Hemphill  Audre Lorde Richard Bruce Nugent  Adrienne Rich  Marlon Riggs  Bayard Rustin  Assotto Saint  Sapphire Barbara Smith  Pamela Sneed  Judge Bruce Wright  Emanuel Xavier

After five years of existence, we decided to change our name in order to make the group more inclusive of men of different racial and ethnic backgrounds. We decided upon the name Men of All Colors Together, because it serves as a reflection of the many diverse groups of people in New York City.



at Gay Pride - June 1982

(photo courtesy of Marc Anderson)