P.O. Box 237107, Ansonia Station
New York, NY

Men of All Colors Together/New York (MACT/NY) is a multiracial, multicultural organization of gay and bisexual men committed to addressing and combating racial discrimination in the lesbian and gay male community, and to providing a supportive environment for non-oppressive relating  among gay men.

MACT/NY - founded in 1980 as Black and White Men Together/New York (BWMT/NY) - was created to address concerns about the effects of racism in the lesbian and gay community (as well as in society at-large), and the ways in which racism affects our personal lives. Our intent has been to open channnels of communication among gay men of all races and cultures, and to provide a forum for discussing and confronting issues of racism, sexism and homophobia in our community and in our lives.

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A Caring Community

In all of our activities, we try to ensure racial parity. We attempt to be a multiracial gay community, the members of which care about one another. Beyond our political work and socializing, we try to remember and respond to personal needs. Our care for each other has created a community of friends. By joining our organization, you can form long-lasting friendships.